Dominican Republic – 2015
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What a glorious week we had in the Dominican Republic.  We were able to share the love of Jesus with over 150 kids during our VBS programs and sports ministry.  Many of them in which never knew Jesus before us.  The door was opened!  We worked side by side with our brothers in Christ on a major construction project.  We got to show love to a community in which just could have been forgotten.  Our team got some wonderful lessons of loving the Lord and praise as well!  Our lives will forever be changed by Kilo 43! And in the end we got reunite with old friends from previous trips who have become family to us.  Our hearts truly know no barriers.  We love this place.  It doesn’t matter that their a different race, or speak a different language.  They taught us something long ago.  And that was what it truly means to have faith and believe that when we have Jesus in our hearts, ANYTHING is possible.  We will always treasure the moments we share with them, our DR family!